Monday, September 5, 2011

Blogging Mommy


I started this blog as a way to create something for myself.  As I began to feel the fog of early motherhood lift, I found myself in a bit of an identity crisis.  I had put so much energy into being a mom, that I hardly knew where the “old me” was anymore.  The trouble was, I couldn’t quite pinpoint a focus for the blog.  Reading all of the amazing stuff out there, I had dreams of blog-grandure – crafts, diy projects, photography, kids!  I wanted to do it all J  Yet, there I was wanting to create something separate from being a mom and yet anything I thought about writing always had to do with Beansprout somehow!  

Smooth sailing.
Thankfully, my six-week course with the Slice of Life Project helped me realize the focus for this blog has to be on what life is right now.  I can’t say that I've exactly completely recovered my sense of identity, but I do know that what is important to me is celebrating the beautiful moments of life.  Thanks for sharing these moments with me by reading along . . . there's more to come!