31 days of PLAY!

I'm writing about play for 31 days!  I was inspired by The Nester and her challenge to write everyday about one topic for the whole month of October.  There are over 700 other bloggers taking part - tons of inspiration!!!  Check out an explanation of the challenge here and check out my other posts so far:

October 1st: 31 Days of Play!
October 2nd: Play for the Senses
October 3rd: This Mom Loves Music
October 4th: Mastering Playdates
October 5th: Pretending
October 6th: Play at work
October 7th: Roughhousing
October 8th: Favorite Quotation
October 9th: Solitary play for kids
October 10th: Solo play for adults
October 11th: Playing in the kitchen
October 12th: Playing with food
October 13th: Fall fun
October 14th: Play=Research
October 15th: Little Scientist
October 16th: What's in your bag?
October 17th: The backpack
October 18th: The Playroom, Part 1
October 19th: The Playroom, Part 2
October 20th: In or Out?
October 21st: The Balance Bike
October 22nd: Playful Thought of the Day
October 23rd: Preparing for Play
October 24th: Electronic Devices
October 25th: Artistic Play
October 26th: Mischievous Play
October 27th: Un-toys
October 28th: Free Expression
October 29th: Playing with Pumpkins
October 30th: Songs
October 31st: Halloween Fun

Thanks for sharing in this fun challenge!  I love to know who's reading and welcome your thoughts and comments!