Monday, September 5, 2011

Blogging Mommy


I started this blog as a way to create something for myself.  As I began to feel the fog of early motherhood lift, I found myself in a bit of an identity crisis.  I had put so much energy into being a mom, that I hardly knew where the “old me” was anymore.  The trouble was, I couldn’t quite pinpoint a focus for the blog.  Reading all of the amazing stuff out there, I had dreams of blog-grandure – crafts, diy projects, photography, kids!  I wanted to do it all J  Yet, there I was wanting to create something separate from being a mom and yet anything I thought about writing always had to do with Beansprout somehow!  

Smooth sailing.
Thankfully, my six-week course with the Slice of Life Project helped me realize the focus for this blog has to be on what life is right now.  I can’t say that I've exactly completely recovered my sense of identity, but I do know that what is important to me is celebrating the beautiful moments of life.  Thanks for sharing these moments with me by reading along . . . there's more to come!


  1. I have always felt that those of us who waited a bit longer to have kids tend to realize better how important the little moments with our kids are. We have the luxury of being more settled in life, jobs, marriages, etc.. to be able to take the mental break to appreciate the beautiful moments in life. Moments like discovering the store with your kiddo might seem insignifigant to outsiders, non parents, but to those of us in the know we realize that those are the memories we will have and carry with us forever. I lost a sense of my idenity as well but gained so much more. I know it's tougher for those that sacrifice full time careers to be full time parents. All I can say is just realize you are giving your child the most precious gift that you can give, time. Plus MStrasser knowing you if you weren't obsessed with Beansprout I'd be truely worried that you lost your idenity.

  2. Very nicely written. I think just as your children are ever changing, you as a parent (and a person) are ever changing! You keep writing and I will keep reading - love it!

  3. @Brian: So true that I've gained so much more! Thanks for reminding me that it has actually been a part of me all along. @Michelle: Hubby and I were just talking about that! He says, he's not sure I can count 10,000 hours of being a parent, because they are ever-changing! Thanks for the comments :)