Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hunting for Eggs

Though there are many things about our home that drive me CRaZY, I'm trying really hard to embrace and love it and one of the easily loveable parts is our garden.  I think the original owners had a great vision for the property and were able to create a lovely rhododendron garden with paths, a pond, and a bridge.  It's the most perfect place to have an egg hunt.  Last year we were lucky to have great weather and this year it was even better.
Hunting with baskets
Preparing for the party was more fun this year because Beansprout understood the plan: his friends were coming over, and they were going to find eggs, put them in their baskets, then go inside and see what they got.  We had 8 children and 16 adults here, so I was did the usual fretting over whether we had enough food (and eggs,) but thankfully, once everyone arrived and things were in full swing I was able to relax, snap some photos, and enjoy the gorgeous day!  I think everyone had a really nice time -- the kids enjoyed themselves in the playroom before the egg hunt, everyone seemed to have a great time soaking up the sunshine while searching for eggs, and the adults  kids even had time for an Easter craft.

Fun with bubbles!
"Let me see here . . . "

"Look what I got!"

Popping bubbles was a huge hit and I think the kids may have been more excited about finding out what was in their eggs than looking for them this year.  I'm calling it a success!

I clearly remember looking for eggs in our house as a kid, but don't remember ever going to an official egg hunt - did you?  And, did you see this!?!  Jordan, from Oh Happy Day, planned an egg hunt for her family (including her sister, Design Mom) at the Eiffel Tower!  What an incredible experience!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. I miss those kinds of events I need grandchildren!