Saturday, January 7, 2012

Overwhelmed with Photos

Sunshine = happy boy

It's that time of year - the time you realize you should have been on top of all of your photos all. year. long.  Well, I'm the Queen of Procrastination.  Remember when I mentioned that I have issues completing projects?  I have been stewing over here thinking about how I'm still working on the scrapbook of Beansprout's First 19 months.  A book that was supposed to be his First year, and then his First 15 months, and then I realized I would have to have it end with a calendar year in order to get back on track somehow.  I'm still not on track, of course.  It's an A-Z book, and I'm only on G, H, I.  Sigh.  

Tracking Photos

It's a lot of work documenting our lives.  So many questions to be answered: Where do you store your photos?  How do you organize them?  What do you want to do with them?  Not to mention keeping on top of actually snapping the photos!  I'm determined to make a digital photo album of 2011.  I think I may even let MyPublisher fit it altogether for me and figure it out from there.  I decided this only this evening and feeling a slight sense of relief was sent back 1000 paces when I realized that the new camera I got in January of 2011 had the wrong date.  Yes, that's right.  I set the date to 2010!  I have an entire year's worth of pictures with the wrong year on them.  OoPs.  How I went the whole year not realizing this horrible mistake is beyond me.  At this point, I will have to carry on with my plans to do something with the photos and maybe I'll slowly change the dates over.  Maybe.  When I complete the photo book, I will be sure to share.  I love that feeling when a book is complete and you know it's on its way to bringing you simple joy.

How do you approach documenting your life?  What do you do with your photos in this digital age?  Any favorites as far as photo books go?  I would love to hear you handle the enormity of it all.

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