Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Every Four Years

Every Four Years
It’s occurred to me recently that Matt and I have had significant changes happen every four years since we first met.  I don’t remember what triggered this thought in the first place, but it strikes me as rather strange. We dated for four years before getting married, moved to British Columbia four years later, and four years after that we had Beansprout.  Since coming to this realization, I just keep wondering what it all means.  Is there some significance to the number four?  What does this four-year trend mean for the future -- will the pattern continue?  And, if there is a continued pattern, what change is on the horizon for us?  I'm so intrigued. (And nervous!)

Am I the only one to think of such odd things?  Have you found any sort of pattern to events in your life?  Any other number patterns in your life?  

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