Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eggs Eggs Eggs!

Even as an adult my mom would hide chock-filled Easter baskets for us to find!  Guess it's no surprise then, that I've been dreaming of hosting an egg hunt ever since moving to this house.  Beansprout was still crawling at this time last year, so I was thrilled when Hubby agreed it would be fun to give it a try this Easter.

I gathered all kinds of fun ideas from OPB's, a term I just read on paintchipsandcupcakes.  That's usually how I do things - read blog posts and magazine articles, look at inspiring photos, and try to put it together with (hopefully) my own twist.  LOVE the bunny garland from Hostess with the Mostest and have put it away to use again next year!

I'm happy to say it was huge success!

The kids had fun painting their own canvases,

dressing up,

and they were thrilled to find the eggs!  To avoid overkill on chocolate all weekend, we filled the eggs with stickers, bouncy balls, play doh, slimy lizards, and finger puppets.

I did invite a couple of babies, so I had to have something for them!  Check out the how-to for this felt toy at Modern Parents Messy Kids I used for their favor -- I decided to embellish a onsie with the same chick pattern, added a couple of banana mum mums in there, and voila! an Easter treat for a 6-month old.

 I think everyone had a really nice morning - can't wait to do it again next year!


  1. Definitely HWTM-worthy! You are awesome!!! xo G8BFF

  2. That one of all the kids hunting in the plant is way too much cuteness. Stop it! No, don't!