Monday, August 1, 2011

Light in the Forest

Heart-shaped ray of light!
Inviting bridge.
My photography goal this week was to try and work with light!  I can't seem to get enough of the apps on my new iPhone, so I thought bringing it along on our hike would be a fun way to capture the moment in a new way and without any flashes!  We were fortunate to have some gorgeous weather here this weekend, and the rays of sunlight streaming onto the trail did not disappoint :)
Sweet moments on the trail.
Peeking at the river.

I mentioned in my post on our recent holidays that we've come to realize our little Beansprout LOVES the woods!  I enjoy the idea of getting around to different trails in the area and so we've indulged Beansprout's sense of adventure with a couple of hikes on our favorite trails these past couple of weekends.  They say having a young child really helps you open your eyes and our hikes in the woods are definitely proving that!  Matt and I can't get over how much fun Beansprout is having walking through mud, climbing onto and over rocks, and crossing river bridges :)  He's thrilled by the ups and downs of the hills and wants "more" bridges every time we cross one!  I guess it's like a HUGE obstacle course built by Mother Nature and what little boy wouldn't love that!?!  We're happy to see that our little guy feels quite at home on the trail.  And he's quite the trooper on some rather challenging hikes!  Though he often takes a shoulder ride toward the end, I'm really surprised by how much of the trail he walks on his own. (I don't think he'd be happy to know we originally thought he'd be in a backpack!)  I love watching how confident he is trekking up a hill, not to mention how adorable he looks when he's holding his daddy's hand!  I guess we better get our gear ready for the Fall, because it looks like we won't be able to let the West Coast rainforest we live in keep us indoors!
Ready for a break and a nap!

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