Sunday, August 21, 2011

The People We Know

Hands - Mom & Beansprout

In Week 4 of the Slice of Life Project we focused on the people in our lives.  I really enjoyed looking at the people I know and love from a different perspective than the usual "smile" portraits, as the idea this week was to concentrate on body language and to avoid photographing faces.  I think this has been my favorite assignment, because it really forced me to pay attention to people in a different way.

Legs/Feet - Family and Friends

Carrying Beansprout

Chatting with Papa

Lucky enough to be "home" to photograph people (hence my delay in posts), I was struck by the fact that I was already so familiar with some of the body language of the people in my life.  The way my mom stands at the counter, or the way my best friend always pulls her hair back . . . the way my husband holds Beansprout, and the "so what's new?" look that Beansprout flashes are just a few of the things I noticed!  It was wonderful to be able to capture with my camera something I already knew or maybe felt, but had never consciously paid attention to.  Not only that!  I've noticed something I hadn't seen before . . . when I look at the hands of my mom and Beansprout, I wonder if I, too, hold my hands that way!?!
Deanne at the Playground
At Tracy's.


I know not everyone digs the faceless photos.  My mom claims that photos of Beansprout without his face don't count and as I was snapping away during a family dinner, my sister protested when I took a picture of her feet!  I, however, am finding true beauty in the subtly of this approach.  These images show the real person, not a "say cheese" moment.  I'm also amazed at how universal many of these photos become - the image could be of anyone or everyone.  For example, the image of Deanne at the playground could be any mom and the picture of Matt holding Beansprout could be any dad - I love that!  Of course, I also love that these are my beautiful loved ones :)

What subtle body language do you notice of those around you?  Isn't it beautiful!?! 

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