Monday, February 13, 2012

Celebrating Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day!  It can be schmaltzy and highly overrated at times, but I ignore that it's a created, "Hallmark" holiday and embrace the opportunity to celebrate the relationships in my life.  Knowing that Matt generally hates the hype of these occasions, I try to do something low-key to remind him how happy I am we found each other and then I focus on doing little things for my friends (and family.)  Here's how I tackled spreading a little love this year:
Red Valentines (February Photo Challenge)

1-3. Co-constructed different valentines for the grandparents and sent them off (way too late!)

4. Made valentines for the nephews and sent them off (way too late!)

5. Pulled together a Cupcake Party Package (inspired by for a friend and her two boys.  I had sent one of these back home at Halloween, and thought it'd be fun to try it again.

6. Printed signs that I keep seeing in the blogosphere and hung them around the house for Hubby to find.
from Eighteen25
from Simple As That
via Pinterest
7. Printed this flyer from Kind Over Matter and taped them all around the high school where I teach.
from Kind Over Matter

8. Had a Valentine's playdate.  The kids made contact paper hearts and Beansprout gave out "You're Super Cool" Valentines with sunglasses attached.
Contact Paper Heart

You`re Super Cool Valentine

9. Made Friendship Tea gifts for good friends at work.  (More on this soon!)

10. Intended to write Love Letter of Friendship for close friends,who are far away.  May still accomplish this (way too late!)

So that's my way of bringing a little happiness to February!  Sometimes my ideas are bigger than I can manage, hence sending some things way too late, but it felt good getting those xoxoxoxo decorated envelopes in the mail and it made me smile to bring a Cupcake Party to my friend!

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?  Any traditions you follow or boycott?

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  1. Love all the things you did for others for Valentine's Day! I'm sure you brought lots of smiles today. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Matt and Beansprout!