Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Photo Challenge Week 3

My computer decided to bonk.  Remember the old days of dial-up speed?  That's pretty much what I was dealing with, that and "not responding" messages.  I forget how much easier things are now as far as speed and efficiency go.  Having only just bought it December, I was pretty frustrated to say the least.  I'm finding that even with all the other technology in my life, I'm pretty tied to my laptop.  Good news is I bought this laptop at Costco, which has a 90-day return policy - yea!!!  We took it back over the weekend and purchased a similar one for less money, so I'm back in business.

Week Three in Gray
Day 15: Music
Day 16: Your handwriting
Day 17: A memory
Day 18: Music
Day 19: Looking down
Day 20: Itsy-bitsy
Day 21: Architecture

Though I haven't been accomplishing many other photography tasks, I've managed to keep up with the February Photo Challenge on Facebook.  I'm still learning little tricks with iPhonography - an extra challenge within a challenge - I love that my phone is always around, lightweight, and that with the fabulous apps I'm able to turn an ordinary shot into something cool.  This week I was able to photograph my (second) favorite subject - TOYS!  I guess you can all guess who takes spot #1 :)  I've photographed these little trucks before - a gift from our friend, T., who made a special effort to get them for Beansprout while in Toronto.  I just love itsy-bitsy!

Have you taken on any challenges this month?  What are your thoughts on camera photography?  Hope you have a great start to the week - thanks for reading!

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