Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last Year Today . . .

Train Table February 2011
Beansprout is sprouting independence.  Today he was running around the whole house laughing and giggling with his friends, having a grand time and barely needing anything from me.  This evening in the book store he meandered to different parts of the store on his own, comfortable with a safe distance knowing we were within reach.  It's funny how it feels so sudden, when it's actually been coming on for some time.  I remember looking at moms of older kids at the park last spring and thinking that would be me this spring and now that the moment has come I'm feeling oh so nostalgic.  So I decided to take a peek at what he was up to this time last year.  It's so fun to compare!  (And extra convenient that I actually took a picture of him on February 10th last year!)  The train table is now covered in tracks and bridges and I've put away those puzzles with the pegs to make more room for the "big boy" puzzles he loves completing now.  Even his hair is different!  Looking back, I'm reminded that the small moments get away from me quickly and I'm even more grateful that I keep challenging myself to capture them along the way.

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