Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Month in Photos - June 2012

June Favorites
In and Out of the Sandbox.
Helping with the plumbing.
Reading with Momma.
Line 'em up with E. and C.
"I need a tis-u!"
Storytime with Tracey.
Daddy time!

It's amazing to see how different Beansprout is just since January.  He is always talking and not afraid to chat with anyone who will listen.  He often mentions his "friends" and loves to have play dates!  Though not as independent as some, he is expanding on his independence every day.  On the other hand, he still enjoys mimicking things we do and I love that he is just as cuddly as ever.  (I will hold on to that for as long as I can!)  I lamented last summer that it was his last year of babyhood, but I'm just as thrilled with this stage.  He is all BOY, but he still loves being reminded of when he was a baby and he doesn't have any reservations holding on to some "baby" ways.

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