Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Routine!

Summer Sillies!

I know family and friends back home have been sweating for months now, but Summer only arrived here last week.  Needless to say, we have been enjoying every minute of it!  I love swinging into the summer routine - laid-back mornings, picnics in the park, and early evening bike rides.  This pretty much describes my days with a three-year-old. . . 

7:00: wake up
7:30: breakfast
8:00-10:00: read books, clean up, pack for outing
10:00-1:00: meet up with friends for picnic at playground, spray park, or someone's home
1:00-3:00: nap (YES!  He's still napping, shhhhhh.)
3:00-5:00: read lots of books, play in sandbox or with Aquaplay
5:00-7:00: prepare dinner, eat, evening walk or bike ride
7:00: Three-year-old's bathtime!
8:00:  Three-year-old's bedtime!
9:00: ahhhhhhhh . . .  three-year-old is asleep!
9:00-11:00: time for ME!

Things differ here and there and I have to count the sometimes morning and oft afternoon episodes of Cat in the Hat or Max & Ruby or Franklin and Friends.  In any case, I count myself lucky.

Do you have different routines in the summer?  What is your favorite part about the switch-over?


  1. Sounds very familiar! Pretty much exactly the same!

  2. So funny -- typical life with a toddler, I guess :) I've been feeling pretty lucky about the napping part!