Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stolen Moments

Beansprout stopped napping last summer.  This was a pretty big deal in our house, as Matt and I are huge fans of The Nap.  We never felt any shame in lying on the couch for an hour after work before Beansprout was even born!  Once he joined the family, we usually left the little projects we could have been working on while the babe slept, choosing instead to indulge in a little shut-eye ourselves.

As you can see from today's photo, I had a lovely surprise this weekend . . . after our big hike on Sunday, Beansprout was absolutely spent by about 4:00.  At 4:30 he asked me to take him upstairs and I pulled him up on my lap to explain it was too late to take a nap so late in the afternoon.  As I was talking, his eyelids drooped and his little body moved with those falling asleep twitches.  He dozed off right there in my arms.

A priceless moment, that any mom of an almost-four-year-old could not disturb.  I held him there, snapped a photo, and tried not to eat him up.


  1. Beansprout is getting so big! It's good hearing from you, keep up the posts. Sandy

    1. Thanks, Sandy! It's so fun documenting what's going on out here :)