Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I know it's the season for making a list and checking it twice, but I happen to be in the habit of making lists all the time.  Especially when I'm feeling stressed and/or slightly out of control of my life, I make a list.  Or two.  Or three.  I love lists!  I make them to organize life-goals, to make a plan for shopping, to write down all my wishes, and to remember whatever it is that I need to remember.  I guess that's how it works for me - I write it down so I that I don't forget.  Of course, I often find I've left the list or lost it altogether; but for me, the act of writing something down usually helps me recall what I need.

The lists pictured above are definitely the trying-to-gain-control kind.  You can tell by the scratchy writing and the crazy cross-outs and circles.  The bottom of one of these lists actually says, "Aaaaaah!"  Stress.  And now that I've shared these "crazy" lists, my mother will be disowning me.  Her lists are perfect.  She has just the right notepad, just the right pen, and gorgeous script!  Oh, and I think she re-writes them when she makes a mistake.  Maybe she won't notice.

How do you deal with stress?  Are you a list maker?  I'd love to hear about what you list!


  1. At wor I have stacks of lists. Even my outlook has lists for me, my phone has them and other people give me lists. All those lists go half ignored, part can't read, part done, etc. In my personal life though, I usually only make a list if I am going grocery shopping and I'll count my budget as a list since it tells me when to pay what. I don't like my time to be a slave to notes and lists. If its important it will get done eventually.

  2. I am a total list maker. Nothing better than cross things off a list. I'm a little like your mother, though. I re-write my lists when they get to messy. I even re-write the items crossed out just so I feel like I have accomplished something?!

  3. @M., You can see from my lists, that many can't be read! Your work and personal lives are pretty different entities, eh?

    @Michelle, I'm totally with you on re-writing to cross it off :) I love the clean look of a list taken care of!

  4. I totally live a double life. No one would hire me otherwise ;-)