Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pieces of Home

The bright colored leaves of Fall are making me homesick.  I guess it happens this time of year . . . even before moving away, I would usually get quite nostalgic with the change of the season.  The fall colors are a point of pride for Michigan, where you may even take a weekend trip away to see them at their peak.  British Columbia is one of the most beautiful places on earth, yet though I have admired the bursts of color here and there, it can't compare to the trees at home.  Of course, it's not really about the leaves.  I miss home.  To help me feel better, I've continued to add little reminders of "home" to my new home.  I started with a small collection of Pewabic Pottery from our first home together and received Woodward Avenue Brewery glasses as a gift to remind us of our second house (we tend to move a lot!)  These are all proudly displayed in what is now the playroom, until I figure out where they can be relocated.  It doesn't end there --- on my last two trips home I've felt almost a tourist, buying a Starbuck's mug of the Detroit skyline and most recently a Detroit Tigers t-shirt (in the airport!)  To take it a step further, I've postered University of Michigan all over a corner of my classroom!  This is my way of dealing with living thousands of miles away from family and friends - though they are just objects, the memories they represent comfort me.

Do you display, collect, or wear reminders of where you're from?  How do you handle homesickness? 


  1. We lived in Southern California for 12 years and during that time adopted our two boys. I now have two pics on my stairwell of the boys around age 2. Peter is wearing a Detroit Tiger's cap and Jeff is wearing a LA Dodger's cap. We were living in LA when Peter's pic was taken and back in Detroit when Jeff's was taken. Thus the link to the other place, the other home... I understand your Michigan display to create that link to one's home. I love the Eagles' song, Hotel California - you can check out but you can never leave...

  2. Also note my name - the login from Avondale. Always hanging on to the past?? To home??