Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holding on to Fall

This time of year is challenging.  I seem to breeze through October thinking everything is going well, but with the drastic change of light and weather, November hits me like a semi.  I'm tempted to jump into decorating for Christmas, to keep my spirits up, but can't help feeling it's just TOO soon!  So with the sun peeking out in the late afternoon a few days ago, Beansprout and I enjoyed a walk/bike ride with the iPhone in hand.  My goal was to capture all that I want to hold on to of Fall.  I will have to keep returning to this picture for the remainder of the month, because today, three leaf bags stand ready for pick-up.  Amazing how quickly things can change in two days.  Hope you can savor these last few weeks of fall, what do you do to avoid the early holiday pressures?

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