Monday, November 7, 2011

Saline and tissues

First cold of the season!
Beansprout's first cold of the season makes me remember:

#1) how I take for granted our cold-free summers
#2) how helpless I feel when he's ill, as there's really nothing I can do to help him
#3) how everyone wants their mom when they're sick

Though I'm cursing the germs, I'm relishing the extra snuggles Beansprout has for me and giving thanks for our overall good health.

Has cold and flu season visited you yet?  Do you have any special routines when family members in your home are sick?


  1. LOTS of steamy baths! I steam up the bathroom then stick them in the warm tub with eucalyptus bath salts and just let them play and play as all the snot drains! Then we use the saline spray and the "snot sucker" (aka bulb syringe). then we do a few good blows into the tissue too. by the end they are pretty cleared out and feel much better- it also seems to really shorten the duration of the cold.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lisa! I think I'll have to go get the eucalyptus salts tonight :) I'm all over anything that will shorten the duration of this cold. Also, I love that you call it the "snot sucker" too!