Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beyond Books - Creating Skits

Even when Beansprout had limited language skills, he loved creating skits based on the books we were reading.  I remember one of his favorites being a re-enactment from Bear Wants More, by Jane Wilson, where Bear gets stuck, because he has eaten too much and can't fit into his cave anymore.  Matt and I would "get stuck" in the play tunnel and Beansprout would have to pull us out.  He thought this was absolutely hilarious and wanted to play again and again.  At that time he didn't need much language and it was an easy way to make a connection to his reading.  
Dingo Dog & Officer Flossie 

Beansprout's ever-expanding language skills have helped us keep talking about his books more and more.  The most recent skit we've been working on is inspired by Richard Scary's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.  This book has been one of our favorites since Beansprout got it for his first birthday, and I find it amazing that it continues to inspire him two years later!  The fun in this skit is the fact that Beansprout, acting as Dingo Dog, is getting away with something.  He commits a traffic violation and Officer Flossie, starring Momma or Daddy, yells after him with a "ticket" in hand.  It makes him giggle like crazy and he yells back, "I'm not stopping!" as he bikes away.  This skit has been adapted for the "gate" in the hallway we've created with a cardboard box, too -- someone goes through the gate without a key and is chased after to be given a ticket.  To Beansprout these are fun games, but in my eyes they really are the beginnings of making something out of literature.  

How have children's books inspired your play?  How do you make connections to their books after story time is over?

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