Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Make-Your-Own Books - Part 2

I love that I'm constantly inspired by the ideas I see on all these blogs I read; however, it's easy to just keep collecting inspiration and then never actually DO anything.  (Hello, Pinterest!)  So I was pretty proud of myself when I finally got around to doing a special book for Beansprout.  I love the Modern Parents Messy Kids Personalized Alphabet Book and the DIY I-Spy Book from Delia Creates.  After doing some staged toy scenes for another project, I decided it would be fun to do an I-Spy book with Beansprout's toys!  

Photo book made with MyPublisher

Cars, Cars, Cars!

Trains, Trains, Trains!

I created this book with a 2/3-year old in mind, and even added some numbers in the hopes that it will hold interest for awhile longer.  I love that we have a little book documenting his favorite toys.  Although I'm not thrilled with the photos, (they are way too yellow due to a lack of natural light, as it's nearly impossible to photograph your child's toys when he is awake) I have made myself feel better with the thought that a toddler wouldn't notice the difference.  I hope to redeem myself next time and already have plans to try a little I-Spy series with larger scenes to make it more difficult as he gets older.

Aquarium Picture Book.

It's fun to think of ideas for books for Beansprout, but the I-Spy book involved a bit more work than I realized.  So after a trip to the aquarium, I was happy to be able to quickly put a book together to remind him of our visit.  We enjoy talking about the sea animals again and again!  I also think Beansprout really likes the fact that he shows up in a few of the pictures.  There are no words at all - I simply put the photos into MyPublisher, switched a few things around, and viola!
Beansprout featured in his Aquarium Picture Book.

Am I inspiring you to put together your own books for kids?  For yourself?  Wouldn't it make the perfect gift for a niece or nephew, grandchild, or family friend!?! 


  1. These books are amazing!!! I've only thought of them as a photo album for grandparents, but I love the idea of an I Spy book that's totally customized! Call me 'Inspired'!! Thanks!!

    1. Thanks, Becky! So nice to see when people are enjoying my posts, I appreciate the comment :)