Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reading Spaces

Reading in his big-boy room!

Some of the pictures I'm most drawn to in magazines and on Pinterest and Apartment Therapy seem to be the cozy nooks people have created for reading.  The hanging daybed on the porch, the window seat turned daybed, and the kids' tents filled with pillows and blankets and BOOKS - all of these images beckon me.  It must be the romantic feel of it all - summer sun, light breeze, glass of tea, comfy spot, and a book.  A little piece of heaven.

Love the shades!

The reality is much more practical when it comes to reading spaces in our home.  Most often the couch and the chair in the living room seem to be the places where we cozy up and read.  I guess this is just the reading habit we've formed - this is where we are, this is where the books are, this is what works.  We do have a special beanbag chair in the playroom that is perfect for lounging back and reading, but for the most part we just tend to pick up a book where we're at and read.

I guess as Beansprout gets older and wants to read on his own, having one of those cozy spots might just be the perfect thing for him.  I know when I'm reading a book I'm really into, I may as well be in a cave, as I am glued to the book and unable to hear anything that is going on around me anyway.  It would be nice for Beansprout to be able to take himself away with a book and I love the idea of it being a special reading place that we've created.

Beanbag chair reading.

For now I'll take the more open spaces - where we're all together.  There is nothing sweeter than hearing Beansprout in his own reading corner reading aloud in a whisper.  I also find myself laughing out loud when I listen to Matt and Beansprout reading together.  It's fun to see how differently Matt might approach reading a book aloud  and he's definitely better at the voices and sound effects!

"Hey, Momma!  Let's read this!"

Do you have a special place for reading?  What are your thoughts on the importance of being able to get away from the distractions of family life to get into a book?

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