Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days of Play! Fall Fun!

31 Days of Play is my newest challenge for myself!  I'm writing a post for every day in October - check out my other posts here!

Moms with the Boys October 2011.
Last year we started a new tradition!  On the weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving, we meet up with friends at the local pumpkin patch!  It's nice to be able to spend the time with them on this holiday, especially since they also only have one Canadian in their household -- a two-year-old.  

Pumpkin hunting.

Pushing wheelbarrow.

This pumpkin patch offers so much opportunity for play!  Of course, there's the whole hunting for a pumpkin bit, which is it's own adventure.  The boys are really cute walking through the field in the mud, as they seek a pumpkin of their own.  
Driving the John Deere.

Milking the cow.
These little guys were also thrilled to see that they could ride around on a trailer pulled by a TRACTOR!  The tractor goes around in a fairly small oval track, but they think it's the best thing ever and want to go around multiple times.  I think it's so interesting that they seem to know when things are made for them.  Both of the boys were immediately drawn to this year's newest attraction, a section dedicated to wooden silhouettes of tractors, trains, horses, pigs - all things farm.  We spent a lot of time in this area hopping on and off all of the different plywood creations.  They were completely at home - at play.
It was a perfect day of fun for all of us.  (And the grandmas even got to share in the play!)  What do you make of play at such attractions?  Does it work?  Do you go out and do seasonal/holiday activities that are playful?  I love to hear your comments and thoughts - thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Deep thought for the day: Auntie Megan thinks that red boots are SUPER cute! :)