Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days of Play! What's in Your Bag? Toys.

Awhile back I stumbled across the blog Dos Family featuring "What's in your bag?"  This 31led me to realize there's actually a whole Flickr group dedicated to taking pictures of the contents of bags or purses to share with the world.  This is the thing about the blogosphere! you find people who are also fascinated by the little things in life.  I can't tell you how many times I've laughed at myself when emptying the contents of my purse or bag . . . talk about odd!  Four-item lists from months back, gum wrappers, empty gum containers, three or more pens, countless receipts, and multiple tubes of lipstick!  Sheesh.  I sure hope you don't do a personality profile on me when you see the photos :)

What's in my bag: October 2011
(Keys for classroom, Toddler hat, Tissues, Sunglasses, Shopping list, tea bag, tampons, lip gloss, receipts,
check-to-be-cashed, snack bar, $1.13 in change, Quarter machine prize, Robin Motorcycle, Elephant tape measure,Chocolate Bunny Grahams, Hair clip, Dental floss, Starbucks gift card, and a pack of gum.  Not shown: empty pack of gum, about 5 gum wrappers, and a pen)

The thing is the contents of my purse/bag have changed quite a bit since having Beansprout.  Don't get me wrong, the litter is still there (something Hubby will never seem to understand) as are the various necessities for primping, but now there may also be a small container of Play-Doh, a diaper, a half-eaten snack bar - who knows these days!  It makes me giggle to myself whenever I happen to be out sans child and open my purse to find Robin on his motorcycle peeking out at me.  Here I am out trying to be a "big girl" - wearing heels and clothes that you couldn't wear to yoga class, having to sift through Elmo stickers and toy phones in order to pay for my glass of Merlot.  Outed.

However, change the scene to dinner at our favorite sushi joint and those stickers, toy phones, Play-Doh, Robin motorcycle, and even the diaper are life-savers!  We have something to entertain the little one while we people watch and talk about the day's events.  Phew!  It's amazing how much fun Beansprout can have with that motorcycle.  Toys to the rescue.

I've been writing about play for over 2 weeks in my challenge to cover one topic everyday for a month.  Check out my other posts and an explanation of the challenge here.

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  1. I still haven't learned to carry a purse, lol. However, my laptop bag ends up being my bag of skeltons. Laptop, charger, variety of screwdrivers, drill bits (this is why it is so hard getting through airport security), diagnostic tools, shirt (?), 4-5 pens, papers with all kinds of notes that must have made sense when I wrote them and now I only hang on to them in case I remember. Wet wipes, eyeglass wipes, emergency items. Huh, nothing fun.