Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days of Play! Playing in the kitchen.

Morning Pancakes.

When I saw Jamie Oliver's TED talk for anti-obesity in America, I was astounded to see that some kids didn't recognize basic fruits and vegetables.  Have you seen his program Food Revolution?  I love that he is working so hard to empower children and families and communities to eat well.  Keeping this program in mind helps me remember (especially when I'm not feeling super patient) that it's crucial Beansprout is involved with cooking our meals whenever he can be.  Luckily play finds it way into this process!  I know that it won't always be so, but for now anytime he gets to help make things that require stirring and pouring and stirring some more it is absolute play for him!

Do you remember making food as a child?  Did it feel like play?  How do you make cooking and eating fun?

I am really enjoying writing about play!  Check out my other posts and an explanation of the challenge here!

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