Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days of Play! Grown-ups playing solo.

This will be my 10th post about play in my challenge to write for the whole month of October!  Check out an explanation of the challenge and my other posts here!

A gift: Double Wedding Rings Anniversary Quilt

10th Anniversary Gift: Double Wedding Rings

In my post a few days ago, I was reminded that we grow old because we stop playing!  I'm happy to say that I think a lot of grown-ups have that feeling of being a kid again when they're immersed in the things they love to do!  It's the things you can spend hours doing and not realize that hours have gone by in what feels like a minute - maybe it's knitting, playing sports, cooking, playing guitar . . . it's all PLAY!  I know for my mother-in-law play is quilting!  (And watching Detroit/Michigan sports, which is really funny when she comes to visit us!)  As she said recently, she loves to read, but she doesn't have tons of time for it - she has to get to her quilts!  We have been blessed by the beauty she creates in her quilts and have them in almost every room in the house now.  Stunning is the only way her anniversary gift to us can be described.  It is absolute perfection.  When I hear of the labor involved in the process of quilting I scoff at all the WORK it must be, but when I'm talking to her about it, I realize it is fun - it is play.  (Lucky us!)


A year or so before Beansprout was born, Matt took up learning guitar.  I was envious.  It was play that he LOVED and I suddenly felt fearful that I didn't have that kind of play anymore!  Taking the drama up a notch,  I worried that I wouldn't have a hobby to sustain me in retirement (as if I have to worry about that anytime soon!) and that I would ultimately be bored or boring or both.  I realized later that I could spend hours thinking about and working on decorating projects in our home (and others') but luckily I also found photography!  It's my grown-up play and I've a huge playground to explore!  Oh, and did I mention how wonderful it is  when your husband comes home from a guitar lesson knowing how to play "Someone Like You" from Adele!?!  Swoooooon.


Do you feel you still play?  What does your play look like?  What do you love to spend hours at?  Thanks for reading - I hope you'll leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


  1. The wedding ring quilt is SOOOOOOOO gorgeous! Still can't get over it! :)

    Love the pics of little Beansprout copying Mom and Dad as they play!

    -The Roomie

  2. Thanks, Roomie! It's hilarious that he even puts his camera on the couch, walks 10 feet away, turns around and says "cheeese" :) Isn't he cute!?!

  3. I love the quilting between the rings, each section is a surprise! wow. IT makes my quilting seem so tame - I think diagonal striped bindings are super amazing. lol

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