Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days of Play! The Playroom, Part 1

This is one of 17 posts about play - I'm writing a post about the topic everyday this month. Check out my other posts here and an explanation of the challenge from thenester.com here!

What's cookin'?

We never had an official playroom growing up - in my circle everyone played in the basement and it was never anything fancy. Yet, somewhere between being a kid and having a kid playrooms became a thing. Lucky me! With the lowest level of the house mostly unused, I was pretty excited by the possibilities for Beansprout! Already armed with IKEA's Expedit and then some, I turned my attention to ohdeehdoh for play kitchen ideas! This website is full of amazing diy play kitchens -- re-creations of IKEA pieces, kitchens made out of old TV stands, and today they're featuring a play kitchen made from a chair! Matt and I were inspired and loved the idea of personalizing a kitchen for our little chef.

Eat, Drink, Make, Create

As the play kitchen was underway, I fretted about what to do for a table and chairs. I always find it so cute when kids know that things are made for them. They seem to be able to spot the little people furniture and zoom in on it. I didn't want to buy something that would fall apart, but also couldn't justify spending money on the Pottery Barn and Land of Nod items circled and dog-earred in our catalogs. I guess I was in a good karma space because a quick look through the local antique market and I found a lovely little table and two chairs made of solid wood for $25. Deal.

Beansprout's Play Kitchen Area

So began the playroom . . . build a kitchen, add some pots and pans, receive the perfect play food as a gift, and outfit a crafting/eating table - let the play begin. Beansprout was thrilled at the beginnings of his play space.

What are your thoughts on playrooms? Could they be the child's equivalent to the man-cave? What would be the perfect item for a playroom in your eyes?

P.S. Happy Birthday, MOM! xoxo


  1. I spent endless hours as a child playing with my custom built cardboard box kitchen. Our boys are extremely lucky to have such great spaces. E. is now baking cakes in his oven, making pancakes and cups of tea complete with slurping noises and aahhh after sampling his wares. (Lorraine)

  2. It's so true! I remember playing school at a large table in the GARAGE! (I always had to be the teacher, of course, lol) That's so cute that E. slurps and aahs - I'm sure you've enjoyed some yummy pancakes from his kitchen, too!