Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Days of Play! Electronic Devices

Beansprout at computer

I am constantly on my computer or iPhone.  I'm one of those people they talk about - you know, the ones who can't live without their electronic devices!?! Until this weekend,  I guess I hadn't realized how much a part of my PLAY they are!  We pretty much lost any sign of a good internet connection for more than a day and I hardly knew what to do with myself!!!  As much as I do actually work on my computer, I also use it to download movies, read others' blogs, Goggle chat, catch up on Facebook updates, and (geek alert!) have even been known to watch a few TEDtalks on a Friday night.  

With our internet deciding it needed a rest, this weekend was completely different - I spent the evening playing with Beansprout's scrapbook project that I've been putting off for who-knows-how-many-months!  I can't say that I loved it . . . when the electricity goes out I often get a sweet feeling of playing 19th-century for the night, and embrace the situation, but this time I found myself quite irritated by the fact that each time I thought of something I wanted to do, it had to do with using the internet!  I have grown completely dependent on these electronics and the thing is, I'm pretty ok with it.  That being said, having gotten quite a bit done on the scrapbooking project, I realize I may need to unplug myself a little more often.  

What are your thoughts on using electronic devices for play?  Do you take time to unplug?  What does unplugging look like for you?


  1. Nope. I don't like electronics. Not at all. And I don't like stalking you online. I didn't miss you at all.

    Is my nose growing?

  2. Grrr. I am attached to my desk phone, pc, laptop, and cell phone for 8 + hours a day. The last thing I want is be connected after work. I will do brief things online in the evening but, not much. I like to play pc games and I save that for weekends mostly so I don't traumatize myself. Overall, I prefer my time away from the connection. I don't like the feeling that life is going by without me. Playing on the computer just doesn't create the memories you get from spending time with loved ones and doing stuff in the real world.