Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days of Play! Play at work!

I'm writing about play for 31 days!  Check out an explanation of the challenge here and check out my other posts so far: 31 Days of Play!Play for the SensesThis Mom Loves MusicMastering PlaydatesPretending.  Thanks for reading, I love reading your comments and thoughts!

Welcome banner 2011-12

I've been writing about kid play for a few days, so I thought I'd jump over to talking about adult play - at work no less!  I know work is work and some days play isn't even a blip on the radar, but I can say it's such a thrill when work does feel like play!  I think everyone has their own version of playing at work - just watch a few episodes of The Office and you're sure to see some play - but for me the play part of work is the creating.
Desks and chairs 2011-12

Creating a cozy classroom was first on my list as I began the new school year in a new room.  Of course "cozy" is not exactly what you feel when you walk into our 50 year-old building, but Roomie and I worked hard to bring some points of interest you could rest your eye on amidst all the drab.  It was wonderful to get compliments on what we "had done with the room" and I'm still thinking of ways to keep the room interesting and somewhat inviting.

Classroom 2011-12

And though I love decorating and crafting for the classroom, the best part of my job is designing lessons that will fire up my students about our content!  I am happiest doing this part of my "work" and feel there is never enough time to do everything I want.  Even when not at work, I find myself  talking about these aspects of my job all the time; I talk with other friends who are teachers and with Matt, realizing the bouncing-ideas-off-of-each-other aspect of the job is FUN!  As nerdy and geeky as it may sound to non-teachers (or other teachers for that matter), it's where I find my flow - it's my play.

How do you play at work?  Does it involve the flow aspect of things or do you prefer more The Office-like antics?


  1. Definately office antics. Absolutly love to play devils advocate and manipulate people at work. I think that's what landed me the job.

  2. I'm not surprised by that M. Mason! You've always had such a great sense of humor and you've always been great at playing :) It's hilarious that you landed the job because of your playfulness! Shouldn't more companies being doing that?

  3. I think I was inspired yesterday...I got some of my kids' stuff up on a wall today. :) -Roomie

  4. With the beatings we take from both our internal and external customers we HAVE to play at work or we would all be in tears. I can't say that it helped us retain our sanity as we lost that long ago but it does bring out some smiles, laughs and releif.