Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Days of Play! Preparing to Play

Sneak-peek at Beansprout's Halloween Costume

We are quickly approaching one of the biggest days of play! I've heard that Halloween is the second most favorite holiday next to Christmas. This comes as no surprise, I guess, as kids AND adults get to don their play hats. In preparation for the big night of trick-or-treating next week, I had a little playtime of my own! My mother-in-law helped me put together Beansprout's FIRST homemade costume! I've always wanted to make a costume for him and the simplicity of this year's plan gave me the confidence to finally forge ahead. Not owning a sewing machine, I figured handmade costumes were out and I have to say that the affordability of really cute costumes from retail stores makes the decision to diy rather difficult -- I'm sure it's cheaper sometimes to go ahead and buy one!! This year I've been able to use things we already had, only purchasing two pieces of felt and some buttons. Not a bad deal!

Next up, pumpkin carving!!!!  Are you preparing for the 31st?  What do you do for Halloween? Do you enjoy its playful nature? Do you dress up?

I can't wait for the big reveal of Beansprout's costume! Stay tuned . . .

Not long to go in my 31 Days of Play writing challenge!  I've really enjoyed the conversations - hope you'll come back and that you'll check out my previous posts on the topic here, if you haven't already!


  1. This is our favorite holiday! We have more halloween decorations than x-mas. Ghosts, pumpkins, skulls, lights, etc. We dress up to hand out candy and sometimes the dogs do to, to their dismay :-)

  2. @M.Mason, Are you ready for Halloween in your new digs? I love handing out candy - get to see all the cute costumes, of course :) It's a bit disappointing at our place as there just aren't that many kids who come by. You'll have to post dressed up dogs pics for us on FB!