Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days of Play! Playing with food.

"Looks Delicious" Board on Pinterest!

Have I mentioned before that I currently have over 100 magazines stashed in various places around my house?  It's actually part of my play - I can spend hours pouring over them.  The thing is I just can't seem to let go of them because I'm afraid there are too many ideas I'll forget and once I start cutting out articles, I find myself cutting away the whole magazine, so why not just hold on to it in its entirety?!?  (This is the argument I have with myself when I try to de-clutter.)  I bring this up only because I have found a new solution!  Pinterest!  I know there are more and more people talking about it and I'm thrilled about that because that means there are going to be more and more ideas floating around!  This website is perfect for housing ideas I find on the wonderful blogs I peruse everyday and for finding even more ideas from the people I follow!  I especially love that it holds a picture of what the idea and a link to the original website.

This screenshot of my "Looks Delicious" Board shows how much I'm into the idea of making food playful for the little guy.  Though Beansprout is far from school-age, I've already begun my collection of fun lunch and cute food ideas!  Two of my favorite sites so far are, Meet The Dubiens, where Fun Food Friday and Bento Lunch are featured.  You have to visit her site - the photos are amazing, the ideas are unique, and the directions are clear.  I also like Cute Food For Kids! - she can do some great stuff to make Babybel  into a work of art.

Would you take time to make food playful for yourself or your children?  Do you think it counts as play?

This is my 12th post about PLAY!  Did you enjoy reading?  I hope you'll check out other posts here!

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